Why the sexy 70's are back

The ‘70s ‘gypset’ look – combining ‘jet set’ with ‘gypsy’ – is globe-trotting, glamorous, luxurious, hedonistic, flamboyant: think floor cushions and incense, artists, rock stars and their entourages, or Talitha Getty posing in shimmering brocade jacket and harem pants on a rooftop in Marrakesh, probably the most quintessentially haute-hippy photograph ever taken. And a timely new exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum, Thea Porter: 1970s Bohemian Chic, explores this exciting, creative era in fashion, and the role of fashion designer Thea Porter (who died in 2000). Now eminently collectable – contemporary devotees of hers include Kate Moss (who wore Porter’s Gypsy dress to her pre-wedding party), Julia Roberts, Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 

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